Thoughts on human being and architecture

With the launch of this online format, we as editors are faced with numerous questions about the content, the interpretation of existing texts, future texts and what is there to report. The following credo is intended to set the ball rolling.…
Norman Schinke

Why do we need a journal?

The situation of the IFMA and of the organic architecture movement has changed a lot in the last 20 years. What can a new format of the journal “Man and Architecture” contribute and how?…
Luigi Fiumara

Guidelines for a ‘Living Architecture’

Living Architecture is not a style. It is an approach to architecture that views buildings not as mere objects, but rather as organs or organisms functioning within the highly diverse and interdependent fields of natural, social and cultural life.…
Pieter van der Ree

Tasks of contemporary organic design

How can we understand new trends in contemporary architecture and society and what distinguishes the organic approach from outwardly similar phenomena? What development perspectives and challenges for organic design arise from a consideration of the contemporary situation?…
Luigi Fiumara
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