What is the IFMA?

The “International Forum Humanity and Architecture” (IFMA) – earlier “International Forum Man and Architecture” – was founded in 1991 on the initiative of one of the board members of the ING bank in Amsterdam. It operates as a foundation in Holland and as a registered association in other countries.

Its goal is the “organic” shaping of environments which holistically serve the manifold needs of human beings. To this end vital and soul/spiritual needs – beyond material function and performance – should be informing the design process, so that buildings and structures further the development of human beings and society at large.

In this IFMA is not defining contents, styles or formative elements, but sees itself as an open forum which

  • Encourages, recognizes and communicates research about the creation and appreciation of organic objects and buildings
  • Facilitates a dialogue between architects, designers, artists and user groups
  • Offers conferences and seminars for an open exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Organizes exhibitions and other events to provide information and facilitate public exposure
  • and in doing so seeks the cooperation of schools, tertiary institutions and other groups and organizations.

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