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The magazine “mensch + architektur/ humanity and architecture” is aimed at builders, architects, investors, institutions and people interested in building who are interested in holistic living space design. The focus of our work is on humanity in architecture and its impact on society.
Our readers are mainly found in creative, social and educational professions. They are interested in participatory processes, alternative paths in architecture, ecological and sustainable products, healthy indoor environments and dialogue.
Organic architecture seeks answers in the deeper awareness of spatial impact and interrelationship of people, nature and the environment on the levels of body, mind and spirit. mensch + architektur
The magazine began in 1991, initially on a few pages as a newsletter, with Nikolaus Ruff, Stuttgart and Paul Gerhard Reeh, Stuttgart on the editorial board, and developed more and more into an independent magazine.

From 1995 the journal was continued by Imme Denker, Berlin and Joachim Zimmer, Berlin, supported by Paulgerd Jesberg. In 2004 Mathis Lohl and Matthias Mochner joined, temporarily also Eckardt Wolf. In 2019, Uwe Kirst took over as editor of the journal. In 2023, the journal will now continue digitally, under the editorial direction of Thomas Radünz, Norman Schinke, Luigi Fiumara and Imme Denker.
The journal is produced on a voluntary basis, so we look forward to donations, grants and support.

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